Looks like this class is gonna be in an earlier time slot from now on
Thats nice at least


Rogue: “I sense motive the goblin to see if he really has a wife and kids.”

One class down, one to go. 30 mins before it starts.
Wish the bathrooms here werent so disgusting

I made a list of all four of my options, and all their pros and cons.
Final (condensed) results:
1. Continue studying at my uni: -2.
2. Somehow couchsurf across the world: -1.
3. New zealand: -1. If i ignore harsh weather, it breaks even.
4. Offing myself: -3.

Everything is in the negative, lmao. At least offing myself has the lowest score.

I got my old cigs instead of finding new ones.
Theyre socraaapppp. They dont get the dizzy feelin till u done smokin but theyre harsh as shit


sometimes i forget that dogs are animals descended from scary ass wild beasts that hunt and kill and shit like

my pug just farted so loud she scared herself and had to be cuddled until she stopped crying like how did this happen


These are not mine but I wanted to bring them together!  


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